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Work ID number BITECA texid 10574
Authors Desconegut
Titles Recepta. Per a dolor de orella
Date / Place compilat 1490 a quo
Language català
Text Type: Prosa, Receptes
Number of Witnesses 1
ID no. of Witness 1 cnum 9722
City, library, collection & call number València: Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu, Incunable 1 (BITECA manid 1261)
Copied 1491 [?] - 1500 [?]
Location in witness f. 18v
Title(s) Desconegut, Recepta. Per a dolor de orella, compilat 1490 a quo
Incipit & Explicits rubr.: [ 18v] per a dolor de orella
text: pren oli … trobats lo verm
Record Status Created 2007-10-09
Updated 2007-10-09