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Work ID number BITAGAP texid 9604
Authors Pero Pais Bazoco
Titles Cantigas [perdidas]
Incipit & Explicits texto: [Poemas, perdidos (8)]
Text Type: Poesia
References (most recent first) Deyermond (1986), “Lost Literature in Medieval Portuguese”, Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Honour of Robert Brian Tate 5
Subject Texto perdido ou não localizado
Texto poético perdido ou não localizado
Poesia - Incipit
Number of Witnesses 1
ID no. of Witness 1 cnum 19524
City, library, collection & call number : Desconhecido - Perdido ?, (BITAGAP manid 3504)
Title(s) Pero Pais Bazoco, Cantigas [perdidas]
Record Status Created 1996-08-31
Updated 1998-01-30