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ID no. of Specific Copy

BITAGAP cnum 3981
Uniform Title IDno, Author and Title texid 3134
Monsório. “Vimos outras mui loucãs [D 623 -03]”
City, library, collection, & call number Lisboa: Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, Res. 110 A
Title(s) in volume De monssorio
Imprint Almeirim/Lisboa: Hermann von Kempen, 1516-09-28
Location in witness f. 181v
Title(s) in witness De monssorio
Incipits & Explicits in witness texto: Vimos outras muy louçaãs
Poetic Stanza 1 x 9
References (Most recent first) Resende et al. (1990-2003), Cancioneiro Geral 3:395 , n. 623 (03)
Resende et al. (1973-74), Cancioneiro Geral 2:179 , n. 623
Record Status Created 1989-04-15
Updated 1999-12-06