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Work ID number BITAGAP texid 24165
Authors Colectivo
Titles Cartório do Abade Dom Frei Gomes Eanes. Vol. 2 [série]
Date / Place escrito/a 1418 - 1463
Text Type: Prosa
Associated Persons Compilador(a): Gomes Eanes (D.), abade
References (most recent first) Costa-Gomes (2017), A Portuguese Abbot in Renaissance Florence: The Letter Collection of Gomes Eanes (1415-1463) passim
Elbl et al. (2013 [= 2015]), “The Private Archive (Carteggio) of Abbot Dom Fr. Gomes Eanes (Badia di Firenze): An Analytical Catalog, with Commentary, of Codex Ashburnham 1792 (Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence): Part Two”, Portuguese Studies Review 21:2:137-202
Subject Epistolografia - Cartas pessoais
Number of Witnesses 1
ID no. of Witness 1 cnum 42144
City, library, collection & call number Firenze: Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Cod. Ashburnham 1792 (2) [MS factício desmembrado] (BITAGAP manid 3647)
Title(s) Colectivo, Cartório do Abade Dom Frei Gomes Eanes. Vol. 2 [série], escrito/a 1418 - 1463
Note Textos inventariados em BITAGAP: ver Manid 3647
Record Status Created 2017-11-18
Updated 2017-11-18