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ID no. of Reference BETA bibid 8689
Format carta. referencia. fichero electrónico
Author Francisco Gago Jover
Title Carta (correo electrónico): Digital Library of Old Spanish Texts project: Spanish Chronicle Texts
Date / Location 2016-09-16:
Note It is a pleasure to announce the eighth corpus of the Digital Library of Old Spanish Texts project: Spanish Chronicle Texts (

The Spanish Chronicle Texts corpus, a free online resource developed by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies (, contains more than 7,000,000 million words of running text from 49 manuscripts and printed books of texts previously published by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies in microfiche or CD-ROM. The works included in the corpus were produced between the 13th and the 17th century. The corpus will be a significant source of information for historians, historical linguists, lexicographers, who will be able to access and search the contents of the texts for a wide variety of research tasks connected with the developments of domain-specific Spanish, providing them with an opportunity to examine the shift, continuities and patterns of variation. The 49 texts are listed at the end of this message.

Besides this new corpus, some corrections have been made in texts from the other corpora, and three new texts have been added to the Medical Spanish Text corpus (

- Libro de medecina llamado macer. Valladolid: Miguel de Eguía, 1527. [Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional R/620].
- Tratado contra toda pestilencia & ayre corrupto preservativo y en parte . Valladolid: Arnao Guillén de Brocar, 1518. [New York: Hispanic Society of America].
- Recetario. [Escorial: Monasterio b.IV.34].

The other seven corpora included in the Digital Library of Old Spanish Texts are:
* Prose Works of Alfonso X el sabio (20 texts / 3,255,914 tokens) (
* Spanish Medical Texts (58 texts / 2,687,153 tokens) (
* Navarro-Aragonese Texts (36 texts / 3,336,942 tokens) (
* Spanish Legal Texts (49 texts / 2,779,951 tokens) (
* Spanish Biblical Texts (19 texts / 4,936,036 tokens) (
* Spanish Poetic Texts (37 texts / 1,094,260 tokens) (
* Early Celestina Texts (

Internet Hispanic Seminary visto 2015-09-16
Source of Data for References bibid 8354 Gago Jover et al. (2016), Spanish Chronicle Texts
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