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ID no. of additional copy of printed edition BETA copid 8480
City and Library New York New York University
Collection: Call number PQ6426/A1 1569
Printed Madrid: Pierres Cosin para Antón García, 1569 (Roma BN Cat.)

External description

Binding marroqui rojo con hierros en seco y filetes dorados enlos bordes y lomo decorado (Schab 1947)
History of volume Adquirido New York 1947 (price: 120 $)
Previous owners (oldest first) Desconocido: Registro vacío utilizado para poder referirse a personas desconocidas de varios lugares y épocas R.332, 157 (Fac. digital)
References (most recent first) Catalogado en: William H. Schab (1947), Catalogue 11 , n. 191
Heaton (1947), “Spanish Treasure”, Bulletion of the Society for the Libraries of New York University 3
Catalogado en: Penney (1954), The Book Called Celestina in the Library of the Hispanic Society of America 108
Facsímil digital: Corfis (2015-), Celestina Early Editions / Colección de ediciones tempranas de Celestina
Note Descr. de Schab 1947:

161. L A CELESTINA, TRAGICOMEDIA DE CALISTO Y MELIBEA. 204 leaves, small 8vo. (5 1/2 in. by 2 3/4 in.). Woodcut vignette on title page representing Calisto and Melibea and woodcut colophon on the last page. Red morocco binding, blind stamped and gilt fillet edges and decorated back.
Madrid, Pierres Cosin a costa de Anton Garcia, 1569, Librero. $ 120.00.
This is a completely unknown edition not recorded in either Palau or Salvà. It is probably the only XVIth century edition published in Madrid, and is apparently not in the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid as Palau lists all the editions found there.
The text is preceded by a three-page letter “E1 Autor a un Amigo Suyo” and by “E1 Autor Excusando su Obra” a three-page poem
La Celestina was the first real play written in any of the modern languages, and it has never lost its fascination it blends intense dramatic power, great literary skill, and comic scenes as well as the tragic love story, in a way reminiscent of the Elizabethans. Spanish literature has always abounded in marvelous and detailed descriptions of the matter at hand, and La Celestina is no exception to this rule. Some say it’s realism, others are shocked.
Magnificent copy in an unusual size, in perfect preservation bound in a fine early XIXth century red morocco binding.

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