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ID no. of additional copy of printed edition BETA copid 8457
City and Library Boston Boston Public Library
Collection: Call number Thomas Pennant Barton: G.3356.12 | reg. 157.643 | olim XG.3356.12
Printed Venezia: Stefano Nicolini da Sabbio (BNE Cat.), 1534-07-10

External description

History of volume Adquirido Boston 1873-05 (nota f. A1v)
Previous owners (oldest first) Thomas Pennant Barton, bibliófilo (1834 - 1869) (ex-libris)
References (most recent first) Facsímil digital: Internet Archive (1996-)
Catalogado en: Boston Public Library et al. (1888), Catalogue of the Barton Collection. Boston Public Library. In two parts. Part I. Shakespeare's works and Shakespeariana; Part. II. Miscellaneous. 93
Catalogado en: Whitney (1879), Catalogue of the Spanish Library and of the Portuguese Books Bequeathed by George Ticknor to the Boston Public Library 69
Catalogado en: Boston Public Library (2013 ad quem), Catalog [OPAC] , n. G.3356.12
Subject Internet - Facsímiles digitalizados
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Updated 2018-02-13