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ID no. of Reference BETA bibid 8451
Format carta. referencia. fichero electrónico
Author Harvey L. Sharrer
Title Carta (correo electrónico): Münich BSB Cod. Hisp. 6
Date / Location 2015-10-05:
Note BETA Manid 1366 (Cod. Hisp. 6)

Additional information for MS/ED:
Binding: A parchment fragment with a text on the interior side of the binding of a text in Spanish written in the name of one Inés Rodríguez concening her “herdades” in the town of La Mela. The explicit gives the year of the document as 1506, but the day and month references are hidden due to a fold in the parchment. The document is signed by Johan Merchante, “Canónigo enla ygɫia delugo.” The beginning of the document is cut away.

Note: The “Canónigo en la iglesia de Lugo” may be an indication that the Fuero Juzgo copy of Manid 1366, like the binding, is of Galician origin.

Incipit, 1r: […] cho (?) nro y de nra Mesa Obpal de nros successores. Por ende por la presente […]
Rubrics and initials: Written in the same black ink as the text.

Corrections to Gemma’s readings in BETA cnum 475:

Índice 1ra: de la ley : de La ley
Rúbrica, 1va: torto. Este : torto. | Este
Rúbrica, 1va: qui es este : que es este
Note: the sign of abbreviation is a horizontal tilde, not a vertical one, which would normally be resolved as qui.
Rúbrica, 1va: detoledo : de Toledo
Preámbulo, 2ra: C2on cuydado : C4on cuydado
Preámbulo, 2ra: xo : xꝰ
Note: The MS reads x9 with a superscript abbreviation resembling the no. 9 to be resolved as ꝰ.
Preámbulo, 2ra: diligencia : diligençia
Preámbulo, 2ra: Rey : Ry
Tít., 2ra: .ij. : .ij.a
Texto, 2ra: principes [!] ⁊ las cosas q̃ elus ganam : principes ⁊ las cosas q̃ elꝰ
Note: The scribe frequently abbreviates “los” or “llos” and “aquelos” or “aquellos” with the symbol of abbreviation resembling the no. 9, which, according to the context, can be resolved either as –os or –us. Here it should be resolved as –os.
Explicit, 1va (índice): delus : delꝰ
Explicit, 78vb: [s]4e : [S]2e
Explicit, 78vb: como : com̃o
Explicit, 78vb: Aquelus : Aquelꝰ
Explicit, 78vb: demã|dar. la cosa lus ninos : demã|dar. la cosa lꝰ ninos
Explicit, 78vb: perderon la cosa | Lus niños : perderon la cosa | Lꝰ niños
Source of Data for MSS, Editions, or Copies manid 1366 MS: München: Staatsbibliothek, Cod. Hisp. 6. Galicia?:, 1491 - 1510 ca. Desconocido, Fuero juzgo (tr. Desconocido), traducido 1260 ca.
Record Status Created 2021-01-11
Updated 2021-01-11