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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 8447
Name Andrew Grier, encuadernador Edinburgh
Sex hombre
Associated Persons maestro de aprendizaje de: Charles McLeish (Sr.), encuadernador (1859 - 1948)
Affiliation encuadernador Edinburgh (BL Database)
References (most recent first) British Library (2014 ad quem), Database of Bookbindings
Note BL Database of Bookbindings:

“Charles McLeish Sr. began his bookbinding career as an apprentice to Andrew Grier in Edinburgh. He then moved to London and worked for Riviere until 1893 when he joined Cobden-Sanderson at the Doves Bindery working there until the bindery closed in 1909. He then established his own bindery with his son, Charles Jr.”
Internet BL Database of Bookbindings visto 2023-08-30
Record Status Created 2020-03-25
Updated 2023-08-30