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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 8445
Name Charles McLeish (Sr.), encuadernador (1859 - 1948)
C[harles] McLeish
Sex hombre
Associated Persons padre de: Charles McLeish (Jr.), encuadernador (BL Database of Bookbindings)
socio de: Charles McLeish (Jr.), encuadernador (1909) (BL Database of Bookbindings)
aprendiz de: Andrew Grier, encuadernador Edinburgh
empleado de: Robert Riviere, encuadernador (1829 - 1882-04-12) (1893) (BL Database of Bookbindings)
empleado de: Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson, encuadernador London (1893 - 1909) (1893) (BL Database of Bookbindings)
padre de: Peter McLeish, encuadernador (1882 - 1954) (BL Database of Bookbindings)
socio de: Peter McLeish, encuadernador (1882 - 1954) (1909) (BL Database of Bookbindings)
padre de: George McLeish, encuadernador (1859 - 1948)
Affiliation encuadernador 1859 - 1948 (BL Database of Bookbindings)
Institutional Affiliation Fundador London: McLeish and Sons (1909)
Other associations with MSS, printed editions, or copies of editions manid 3011 Ed.: Oxford: Bodleian (Broxbourne Library), Broxb. 95.6. Valladolid: Nuestra Señora del Prado de Valladolid, 1481 ca. Alonso de Fonseca, obispo de Osma-Soria, [Bula de indulgencias en favor de la iglesia de San Salvador de Ávila], escrito 1481.
Note BL Database of Bookbindings:

s.v. BL c108k7: “Charles McLeish Sr. began his bookbinding career as an apprentice to Andrew Grier in Edinburgh. He then moved to London and worked for Riviere until 1893 when he joined Cobden-Sanderson at the Doves Bindery working there until the bindery closed in 1909. He then established his own bindery with his son, Charles Jr.”

Ibid. s.v. BL C188a359: “Charles (1859-1948), was the finisher at the Doves Bindery from its establishment in 1893 until 1909, when he left to start his own business at 5 Swallow Street, Piccadilly. He took another son, also called Charles, into partnership and his daughter did the sewing and book-keeping. For some years he continued to return to the Doves Bindery to complete the more elaborate bindings, and Cobden-Sanderson donated some of the necessary tools and equipment for his new venture. […] in 1920 the two Charleses moved to 17 Houghton Street, Aldwych, where they merged with [son] George and [son] Peter also joined the firm, which was thereafter known as McLeish and Sons.”
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Updated 2023-08-30