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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 8084
Name James I, king of England [1603-03-24 - 1625-03-27]
James VI
Sex hombre
Title king of England 1603-03-24 - 1625-03-27 (Wikipedia)
king of Scotland 1567-07-24 - 1625-03-27 (Wikipedia)
Milestones nac. Edinburgh 1566-06-19 (Wikipedia)
muerte 1625-03-27 (Wikipedia)
Owner of manid 4832 Ed.: London: British Library (BL) (General Reference Collection), C.20.d.3. Toledo: Juan de Villaquirán, 1520-01-20. Colectivo… Cancionero general (20CG), refundido 1520-01-20.
Other associations with MSS, printed editions, or copies of editions manid 2801 MS: Madrid: Nacional (BNE), MSS/10166. 1300 ca. Alfonso X, rey de Castilla y León, Corona de, Fuero real, promulgado 1255-07-18.
References (most recent first) Vida tratada en Wikipedia (inglés) (2001-)
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Updated 2019-03-17