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ID no. of Reference BETA bibid 8022
Format carta. referencia. fichero electrónico
Author Marc Smith
Title Carta (correo electrónico)
Date / Location 2019-07-04:
Note I would have tended to date the Copenhagen MS to c. 1600 if not later, so it might have been made for Brahe. I would guess the scribe was Italian (note the mistakes conseyo subsequently corrected to consejo, nostro to nuestro, condition for condicion, etc.).

NB This Brahe does not seem to be the son of Tycho, the ex libris says "Otthonis Brahe A.F. Dani", where A.F. means Axilii filii, so this is Otte Axelsen Brahe (1579-1611).

The Madrid manuscript is curious, the first part is a perfectly Spanish bastard script (or hybrida in the Derolez nomenclature) but the addition in cursive script seems to have a lot in common with Italian mercantesca, unless it's just a kind of Spanish writing I have never come across. At any rate it does have some typical Spanish features such as long i (qujso).

If the date of Copenhagen needs to be moved up by just a few years to allow for the Madrid binding to have been done in Spain before 1600, no problem, but watermarks seldom allow for dating to a precise year anyway, so a date after 1600 is not to be excluded. The earlier date 1552 is more puzzling if you trust the watermarks even within a decade. Have you asked a binding expert for the style of binding? Never say never in palaeography, but I would be uncomfortable moving Copenhagen to before 1550.

Supposing the 1588 volume [in the Escorial library] was bound immediately (and the Copenhagen copy I suppose could be moved to the 1580s). But at least it means the binding is not from before 1552.
Source of Data for MSS, Editions, or Copies manid 6113 MS: Kobenhavn: Kongelige (Gaml. Kongl. Saml.), GKS 435 folio. Venezia:, 1481 ca. - 1500 ca. Colectivo, Cancionero de Otto Brache.
manid 1214 MS: Madrid: Nacional (BNE), MSS/2882 (1). 1470 ca. Colectivo… Cancionero de Híjar (MN6), compilado 1470 ca. ad quem.
manid 4796 MS: Madrid: Nacional (BNE), MSS/2882 (4). 1501 ca. - 1525 ca. Desconocido, Coplas del Tabefe, escrito 1485 ca. - 1490 ca.
Source of Data for Persons bioid 8226 Otte Axelsen Brahe, noble (1579 - 1611)
Record Status Created 2019-07-05
Updated 2019-08-19