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ID no. of Reference BETA bibid 7982
Format carta. referencia. fichero electrónico
Author John O'Neill
Title Carta (correo electrónico
Date / Location 2019-05-15:
Note Yes, page 351 is classic Penney. As you may remember, Penney lists every text as if it were a separate imprint and at times you have to do some tricky reading between the lines to get to the truth of the matter. In my opinion, the volume, as issued, contained the Copilacion and the
Coronacion; everything (printing, paper quality etc.) seems to suggest so. Also, our current cataloguer is of the same opinion; see her entry below.

The only complicating factor is that the Copilacion and the Coronacion appear to have had two different owners (see images); that is, if the inscriptions on the title-pages mean anything and the attempts at heraldic devices are something more than doodling.

Also, both texts have manuscript marginalia, with the handwriting of the manuscript glosses in the Coronacion matching some of the glosses in the Copilacion (which has more than one hand at work). However, the glosses are trimmed, obviously when the binding was put on (17th-18th cent.), so the works might have been separate at some point.
Source of Data for MSS, Editions, or Copies copid 3524 Ed.: New York: Hispanic Society (HSA). Valladolid: Juan de Villaquirán, para Cosme Damián, 1540-12-09. Juan de Mena X, bachiller Madrid, Laberinto de fortuna, escrito 1444-02-22.
Record Status Created 2019-05-15