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ID no. of Reference BETA bibid 7700
Format catálogo de venta. referencia. impreso
Title NS1. Bibliotheca Iberica et Latino-Americana: being a choice collection of books and manuscripts, maps, and periodicals on Spain and Portugal, Central and South America, the West Indies and the Philippine Islands comprising the library of don Jacobo de Penzuela and a selection from the librry of Professor Hermann Suchier
Associated persons Karl W. Hiersemann (responsable)
Series Privately Printed Catalogues N. S. 1
Place / Publisher Leipzig: Karl W. Hiersemann
Date / Location 1913: láminas 184 pags., 7
References (most recent first) facsimil digital: HathiTrust (2008-)
catalogado en: Penney (1965), Printed Books 1468-1700 in The Hispanic Society of America xxvii
Internet HathiTrust visto 2018-04-12
Held by Ithaca: Cornell University (Rare Books) (HathiTrust)
New York: Hispanic Society (HSA)
Source of Data for MSS, Editions, or Copies copid 1891 Ed.: New York: Hispanic Society (HSA), HC:NS1/906. Sevilla: Meinhard Ungut, et al., 1497-06-26. David, von Augsburg, Forma de los novicios (tr. Desconocido), traducido 1497-06-26 ad quem.
copid 1046 Ed.: New York: Hispanic Society (HSA), HC:NS1/907 [copy 2]. Salamanca: Juan de Porras, para Francisco Gorricio, 1498-12-22. Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros, inquisidor general, Constituciones del arzobispado de Toledo, promulgado 1498-10-24 ad quem.
manid 1586 Ed.: New York: Hispanic Society (HSA), HC:NS1/1222. Salamanca: Juan de Porras, 1498-10-24. Hieronymus, Vidas de los santos padres religiosos (tr. Gonzalo García de Santa María, jurado de Zaragoza), traducido 1491 ca. ad quem?.
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Updated 2020-03-02