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ID no. of Reference BETA bibid 7362
Format carta. referencia. fichero electrónico
Author Harvey L. Sharrer
Title Carta (correo electrónico): Ajuda Baladro del sabio Merlín
Date / Location 2015-01-20:
Note The surprises one finds at the Ajuda library continue! The text of these Merlin prophecies is found in an appendix to the 1535 printing of the Baladro del Sabio Merlin (see BETA manid 4157). There was an earlier 1515 printing now lost that may or may not have had this appended material.

These particular prophecies, concerning primarily Spain, are not part of the 1498 incunable version of the Baladro (BETA manid 1196). Toward the beginning of the prophecies text in the 1535 printing, the year 1467 is mentioned, offering perhaps a clue concerning the original date of composition.

I haven't made a systematic collation of the Ajuda copy with Bonilla's edition of the 1535 text (based I believe on manid 4157, a defective copy as pointed out in BETA) but the final paragraph in the Ajuda copy is out of place. It appears a few paragraphs above in Bonilla's edition.
Source of Data for Witnesses cnum 13355 MS: Desconocido, Baladro del sabio Merlín con sus profecías, traducido 1469 ad quem. Lisboa: Ajuda, 51-VI-1, 1601 - 1700
Record Status Created 2017-05-02
Updated 2022-11-12