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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 7215
Name Stephen Gaselee, diplomático
Sex hombre
Milestones nac. 1882
muerte 1943
Affiliation diplomático
Owner of copid 3149 Ed.: Cambridge: University, Inc.2.D.3.3[4072] (1494-09-18). Bartholomaeus Anglicus, Propiedades de las cosas (tr. Vicente de Burgos…), traducido 1494-09-18 ad quem .
References (most recent first) Vida y obra tratadas en Wikipedia (inglés) (2001-)
Note Wikipedia (2015-11-16): “He was a frequent and generous donor of books to Cambridge University Library. One unusual item was acquired at Sinaia in 1926: a copy, signed to Gaselee, of Queen Marie of Romania's novel Why? A story of great longing. His major donations were a collection of 311 incunabula, given in 1934; 279 early 16th century books, given in 1940; and fifty books to be chosen by the Librarian at his death. His personal collection of works relating to Petronius and the Satyricon was bought from his heirs and given to Cambridge University Library by a group of benefactors.”
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