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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 6915
Name Gilbert Turner, bibliotecario England (1927 - 1973)
Sex hombre
Milestones nac. 1911 (Mannin-Turner Papers)
muerte 1983-02-09
Affiliation bibliotecario England (reino) 1927 - 1973 (Mannin-Turner Papers)
Other associations with MSS, printed editions, or copies of editions manid 1063 MS: Bruxelles: KBR, IV 1165. 1381-04-06?. Alfonso X, rey de Castilla y León, Corona de, General estoria, escrito 1272 ca. - 1284 ad quem.
Note Ethel Mannin - Gilbert Turner papers, Archives and Manuscripts, John J. Burns Library, Boston College:

"Gilbert Turner was born in Bournemouth, England in 1911. He was educated at the University of London General School and also received the Fellowship of the Library Association.

Turner started working in libraries in 1927 and spent his first eighteen years working at libraries in Bournemouth, Twickenham and Chelsea. Beginning in 1946, he became the Borough Librarian of the London Borough of Richmond on the Thames. He had a love of classical music and was an instrumental force in bringing record collections to the public libraries under his administration. Remarking on Turner's retirement in 1973, a newspaper noted that he was "one of the last of an older school of public librarians" as a librarian of his day "had to be a scholar, a historian, a literary enthusiast, an art expert and an administrator."

Upon retirement, he moved from Windsor, England and settled in Y Rhiw, Gwynedd, Wales. Turner spoke Welsh and was accepted into this small village in Northern Wales. He spent these years happily gardening both fruits and flowers. Turner's friends knew him as a great correspondent as their letters were promptly answered and his letters were full of detail. He was also a staunch Roman Catholic and lifelong bachelor. Turner died on February 9, 1983."
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