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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 6852
Name William Norton Bullard, médico (1931-04-13)
Sex hombre
Milestones nac. 1853-08-23 (Archives of Nurology & Psychiatry 26.1 [1931])
muerte Boston 1931-04-13 (Archives of Nurology & Psychiatry 26.1 [1931])
Affiliation médico 1931-04-13 (Archives of Nurology & Psychiatry 26.1 [1931])
Owner of copid 1409 Ed.: Boston: Harvard (Countway Library) (William Norton Bullard), Ballard 360 (1498-04-04). Julián Gutiérrez de Toledo, Cura de la piedra y dolor de la ijada y cólica renal, escrito 1479 a quo - 1498-04-04 ad quem .
Note Harvard University Library Open Collections Program:

William Norton Bullard Collection

Dr. William Norton Bullard (AB 1875, MD 1880, Harvard University) specialized in neurology. He was designated physician for diseases of the nervous system at Boston City Hospital and staff neurologist at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. In 1900, Dr. Bullard married Mary R. Reynolds, and together they began to assemble an extraordinary collection of early medical books, concentrating at first on 16th- and 17th-century titles, then turning later to the acquisition of incunabula, or early printed books. This collection is now located at the Countway Library.

A manuscript volume from this collection, noted below, consists of medical treatises and prescriptions, written ca. 1450 by an English scribe who was probably a physician. It includes John of Burgundy’s Tractatus contra morbum epidemialem, with a summary in English; drawings of urine glasses, and a man with bodily and astrological regions coordinated.
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