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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 6013
Name Charles de Croy, prince de Chimay [1486]
Sex hombre
Title prince de Chimay 1486 (Byles 1930)
comte de Chimay 1482 (Byles 1930)
Milestones nac. 1455 ca. (Wikidata)
muerte Beaumont 1527-09-11 (Wikidata)
Associated Persons contemporáneo de: Fadrique Enríquez de Velasco, 4. almirante de Castilla [1485-05 - 1538]
Affiliation noble
Owner of manid 1429 MS: Paris: Nationale (BnF) (Richelieu), Espagnol 36. Segovia: para Enrique IV, rey de Castilla y León, Corona de?, 1454-07-21 a quo - 1460 ca. ad quem. Desconocido… Libro del caballero Zifar, escrito 1300 - 1305.
References (most recent first) Vida tratada en WikiMedia Foundation (2012-), Wikidata , n. Q543711
Vida tratada en Lucía Megías (2007), “El Libro del cavallero Zifar ante el espejo de sus miniaturas: la jerarquía iconográfica del ms. Esp. 36 de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France)”, El libro y sus públicos (Ensayos sobre la Teoría de la lectura coetánea) 45
Vida tratada en Byles (1930), “Caxton's Book of the Ordre of Chyualry: A French Manuscript in Brussels”, Review of English Studies
Note Byles: “The first de Croy of note was the Seigneur de Renty, Jean de Croy, who was killed at Agincourt in 1415. His third son, Jean, became the first Seigneur de Chimay, and was made a count by Charles the Bold in 1473, the year of his death. As literary adviser to Philip the Good, he
began to form a library, while his son, Philip, Seigneur de Sempy, who died in 1482, was one of the chief patrons of the Flemish illuminators. Philip de Croy also acquired many MSS. from Charles the Bold, in which he inserted, among the borders and miniatures, his motto, " Moy seul," the de Croy arms with the eldest son's " lambel d'azur," and in many places a small three-coloured bell. The last device alludes to his custom of hanging small bells on his horse's armour when on active service. In MS. 10493 the de Croy arms appear inside the large initial letters on ff. 1, 2, 75 verso, and 86. The initial E on f. 2 contains the bell in the upper part and the arms in the lower. Philip's son and successor, Charles de Croy, became Prince de Chimay in 1486, when Chimay was made a principality by Maximilian. About eighty of the MSS. of this famous line of book-lovers are extant, and fifty-four of them are in the Bibliotheque Royale at Brussels.”
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