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ID no. of MS BETA manid 5766
City and Library New York The Hispanic Society Museum, and Library
Title of volume La hystoria de los dos enamorados Flores y Blancaflor. Con licencia. Año de M.D.LXII. ( portada)
Ed. E (Bonilla y San Martín)
Imprint Burgos: Felipe de Junta, 1562 (Penney)

External description
Format 4o (Seillière)
Leaf Analysis ff.: 28 (sin fol. ni reclamos) (Seillière)
Collation A14 (Seillière)
Font gótica (Seillière)
Binding marroquí rojo doblado de marroquí amarillo, con contracejas y cortes dorados (Seillière)
Previous owners (oldest first) François Florentin Achille Seillière ‘BIBLIOTHÈQUE DE MELLO”, 2. baron de Seillière [1873-05-14] 1873-05-14 (Cat. Seillière)
Associated persons Encuadernado por Thibaron-Joly, encuadernador (Seillière)
References (most recent first) Catalogado en: Bonilla y San Martín (1916), La historia de los dos enamorados Flores y Blancaflor 207
Catalogado en: Sotheby & Co. (1887-02-28), La Bibliothèque de Mello. Catalogue of an Important Portion of the Very Choice Library of the late Baron Seillière 56 , n. 440
Catalogado en: Penney (1965), Printed Books 1468-1700 in The Hispanic Society of America 209
Note Descr. Seillière 1887:

title within a woodcut border, beautiful copy, superbly bound in red morocco super extra, DOUBLÉ with citron rrwrocco, exquisitely gilt-tooled border, g. e. by Thibaron-Joly
small 4to.
EXCESSIVELY RARE, unknown to Brunet or Salva, who appear to have been ignorant of any edition printed at Burgos. The volume, which consists of 28 leaves, contains only the one
signature, A, which includes the whole of it. lt is printed in long lines, without pagination or catchwords.

Se vendío en £ 33 en la venta de Seillière de 1887

Internal Description
Number of texts in volume: 1
Specific witness ID no. 1 BETA cnum 13331
Uniform Title IDno, Author and Title texid 4157
Desconocido. Flores y Blancaflor
Language castellano
Date Traducido 1512 ad quem
Title(s) in witness La hystoria de los dos enamorados Flores y Blancaflor, portada (Bonilla y San Martín)
Incipits & explicits in MS colofón: Impresso … en Burgos en casa de Phelippe de Junta. Año de M.D.Lxij.
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Updated 2016-08-29