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ID no. of Reference BETA bibid 5635
Format libro. referencia. impreso
Author John Dagenais
Title The Ethics of Reading in Manuscript Culture. Glossing the Libro de Buen Amor
Place / Publisher Princeton,NH: Princeton University Press
Date / Location 1994: páginas xxiii, 278
ISBN/ISSN ISBN: 0691032467
Note ¿Princeton UP?: “Reexamining the roles played by author, reader, scribe, and text in medieval literary practice, John Dagenais argues that the entire physical manuscript must by the basis of any discussion of how meaning was made. Medievalists, he maintains, have relied too heavily on critical editions that seek to create a single, definitive text reflecting an author's intentions. In reality, manuscripts bear not only authorial texts but also a variety of elements added by scribes and readers: glosses, marginal notes, pointing hands, illuminations, and fragments of other, seemingly unrelated works. Using the surviving manuscripts of the fourteenth-century "Libro de buen amor", a work that has been read both as didactic treatise on spiritual love and as a celebration of sensual pleasures, Dagenais show how consideration of the physical manuscripts and their cultural context can shed new light on interpretive issues that have puzzled modern readers. Dagenais also addresses the theory and practice of reading in the Middle Ages, showing that for medieval readers the text on the manuscript leaf, including the text of the "Libro", was primarily rhetorical and ethical in nature. It spoke to them directly, individually, always in the present moment. Exploring the margins of the manuscripts of the "Libro" and of other Iberian works, Dagenais reveals how medieval readers continually reshaped their texts, both physically and ethically as they read, and argues that the context of medieval manuscript culture forces us to reconsider such comfortable received notions as "text" and "literature" and the theories we have based upon them.”
Held by Madrid: Nacional (BNE) 9/146033 (BNE Cat.)
Source of Data for MSS, Editions, or Copies manid 1469 MS: Madrid: Nacional (BNE), VITR/6/1. 1330 a quo? - 1400 ca. Juan Ruiz, arcipreste de Hita, Libro de buen amor, escrito 1330 a quo? - 1343 ad quem?.
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