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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 5389
Name Louis-Achille-Auguste de Harlay, comte de Beaumont
Sex hombre
Title comte de Beaumont (BNE R/37)
Milestones nac. 1679 (Christie)
muerte 1739 (Christie)
Owner of copid 2092 Ed.: Bibermühle Ramsen: Antiquariat Bibermühle, olim Beaumont ~ Archambault ~ Rosenwald ~ Library of Congress ~ Sexton ~ Hamill & Barker ~ Lake (1494-10-24). Giovanni Boccaccio, De las mujeres ilustres en romance (tr. Desconocido), traducido 1494-10-24 ad quem .
copid 3169 Ed.: Madrid: Nacional (BNE), R/37 (1551-01-04). Fernán Sánchez de Valladolid, notario mayor de Castilla, Crónica de Alfonso XI (versión vulgata), escrito 1344-04-08 a quo - 1376-07-28 ad quem .
References (most recent first) Christie, Manson & Woods International (1981-04-08), Fifteenth-Century Books Illustrating the Spread of Printing. The Collection of the late Eric Sexton, F.S.A. and Seventeen Duplicates from the Pierpont Morgan Library , n. 153
Record Status Created 2002-06-19
Updated 2016-05-03