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ID no. of Institution BETA insid 5332
Name Valés ?
Associated institutions Convento Uclés: Orden de Santiago de la Espada (New Palaeographical Society)
Former owner of manid 1613 MS: London: British Library (BL), Add. 21120. Guillem Altadell, 1460 ca. Aristoteles, Ética de Aristóteles (tr. Carlos de Aragón, 1. principe de Viana), traducido 1457-01 a quo - 1458-08 ad quem.
References (Most recent first) New Palaeographical Society et al. (1903-12), Facsimiles of Ancient Manuscripts. First Series
Note Faulhaber: ¿Mala lectura de Uclés?
Subject Uclés
Record Status Created 2015-07-28
Updated 2022-09-13