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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 5176
Name W. E. Frere, bibliófilo
Sex hombre
Affiliation bibliófilo
Owner of copid 2129 Ed.: New York: Pierpont Morgan, PML 669 (1498-02-16). Bidpai, Ejemplario contra los engaños y peligros del mundo (tr. Desconocido), traducido 1493-03-30 ad quem .
References (most recent first) Pollard et al. (1906-07), Catalogue of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books from the Libraries of William Morris, Richard Bennett, Bertram, Fourth Earl of Ashburnham, and other Sources Now Forming Portion of the Library of J. Pierpont Morgan III:153-54 , n. 669
Record Status Created 2001-07-04
Updated 2012-01-12