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ID no. of MS BETA manid 4696
City and Library Madrid Biblioteca Nacional de España
Collection: Call number MSS/2249 | olim 2249
Title of volume MN2 (Dutton)
Copied Francisco Javier de Santiago y Palomares ? (Seniff 1984), 1745 - 1796 (Seniff 1984)

External description
Writing surface papel
Leaf Analysis ff.: 36? (Severin 2000:7)
ff.: 26 (Dutton 1982)
Binding papel verde a fantasía (Severin 2000:7)
History of volume Adquirido 1863 (Severin 2000:7)
Previous owners (oldest first) Agustín Durán (nac. Madrid 1789) 1863 ad quem (Severin 2000:7)
Other Associated Texts texid 10099 Colectivo, [Cancionero de la Biblioteca Nacional (MN2)], escrito 1745 ca. - 1796 ca.
Associated MSS, editions, and specific copies of editions Copia de manid 4695 MS: Sevilla: Colombina (Capitular), 57-5-38 (2). 1476 ca. - 1500 ca. Colectivo… Cancionero de la Colombina (SV2), compilado 1456 a quo - 1500.
References (most recent first) Descrito en: Moreno (2012-01-28), Descripción codicológica MN2. Ms. 2249, Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid
Descrito en: Severin (2000), Two Spanish Songbooks: The Cancionero Capitular de la Colombina (SV2) and the Cancionero de Egerton (LB3) 7
Catalogado en: Dutton (1990-91), El cancionero del siglo XV. c. 1360-1520 II:1 , n. MN2
Descrito en: Seniff (1984), Francisco Javier de Santiago y Palomares: Selected Writings, 1776-95 xxiii , n. 36
Catalogado en: Dutton (1982), Catálogo/índice de la poesía cancioneril del siglo XV I:40 , n. MN2
Note Severin 2000:7: “‘Librería del Exmo. S. D. AG. Durán. Adquerida para el gobierno en 1863.' Bound in green card with marbleized cover, nineteenth-century end papers, eighteenth-century hand and paper. 26 folios written of 27 numbered on same paper. Fols 28-36 an index in nineteenth-century hand on ruled paper, followed by an index of Montoro poetry in the Cancionero general (alphabetical order) … Poetry of Antón de Montoro only.”

Internal Description
Number of texts in volume: 1
Specific witness ID no. 1 BETA cnum 10435
Uniform Title IDno, Author and Title texid 10099
Colectivo. [Cancionero de la Biblioteca Nacional (MN2)]
Language castellano
Date Escrito 1745 ca. - 1796 ca.
Record Status Created 2005-05-14
Updated 2017-05-04