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ID no. of MS BETA manid 4508
City and Library Madrid Biblioteca Nacional de España
Collection: Call number MSS/22660 | olim 22660
Title of volume Coronica de Henrriq. 4 ( tejuelo)
Copied 1601 - 1700 (Nuevos ingresos 1997)
1647 ad quem (2a parte (Nuevos ingresos 1997))

External description
Writing surface papel
Leaf Analysis ff.: 238 + 47 + 31 + 11 (pag. var.) (Nuevos ingresos)
Size hoja: 318 × 220 mm (Nuevos ingresos)
Binding piel con hierros dorados (Nuevos ingresos)
History of volume Adquirido 1992
Previous owners (oldest first) José Antonio Conde (Dr.), bibliotecario ? 1992 (Evans 1824)
Thomas Phillipps (Sir), 1. Baronet [1872-02-06] 12320 (Nuevos ingresos 1997)
Joan L. Gili (Nuevos ingresos 1997)
References (most recent first) Catalogado en: Evans (1824-07-15), Catalogue of rthe Curious Library of Don J. Antonio Conde, Part the Second. Containing an Extraordinary Colletion of Spanish Books and Manuscripts, and Oriental Literature Printed and Manuscript … which will be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Evans, at his House, no 93, Pall-Mall, on Thursday, July 15, and Following Day 1824 80 , n. 1135
Catalogado en: Biblioteca Nacional (1997), Nuevos ingresos de manuscritos en la Biblioteca Nacional (Mss. 22609-22727 y Res. 271-273) , n. 22660
Note Descr. de Evans 1824: “1135 Historia del Rey D. Enrique IV. Compuesta por Alonso de Palencia; adicionada y corregida por D. Francisco de Trillo y Figuera. Año 1647. “Esta Cronica escrita por Alfonso de Palencia es cierta y verdadera, ni calla lo malo, ni dexa de decir lo bueno.’’ MS. note.
The Spanish Government have never allowed any of the Chronicles or Histories of this reign to be published : even that of Castillo printed by Sancha, never received the Royal licence, and in consequence has never been published in Spain.
Subject Castilla y León, Corona de (reino)
1474 ad quem

Internal Description
Number of texts in volume: 2
Specific witness ID no. 1 BETA cnum 8352
Location in volume ff. 1- (1a fol.) (Nuevos ingresos)
Uniform Title IDno, Author and Title texid 1812
seudo-Alfonso de Palencia. Crónica castellana de Enrique IV
Language castellano
Date Escrito 1474-12-12 a quo - 1500
Title(s) in witness Historia del Rei Don Henrique Quarto onpuesta por Alonso de Palencia, i adicçionada i coregida por Don Franisco Trillo i Figueroa (Nuevos ingresos)
Associated Persons Con adiciones de: Francisco de Trillo y Figueroa (floruit 1647) ( 1647 (Nuevos ingresos 1997))
Specific witness ID no. 2 BETA cnum 8353
Location in volume ff. 1- (2a fol.) (Nuevos ingresos)
Uniform Title IDno, Author and Title texid 1485
Diego Enríquez del Castillo. Crónica de Enrique IV
Language castellano
Date Escrito 1467 a quo
Title(s) in witness Ystoria del Rei Don Enrique cuarto (Nuevos ingresos)
Record Status Created 1999-07-05
Updated 2018-02-28