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ID no. of MS BETA manid 4476
City and Library Parma Biblioteca Palatina di Parma
Collection: Call number Parmense: 2666 | olim Hisp. 5
Copied 1451 ca. - 1475 ca. (filigranas)

External description
Writing surface papel (Richler 1998)
Leaf Analysis ff.: [ii] + 132 (fol. [ii], 1-96, 121-145, 196-206) (Richler 1998)
Hand sefardíes varias (Richler 1998)
Watermark anillo (Briquet 689 [1457-77] [Richler 1998])
escudo de aragón con corona (ff. 24-128) (Briquet 2064 [1464], Valls 240, 242 [1473] [Hamilton 2010])
mano con flor (ff. 199-206) (Hamilton 2010)
iglesia (ff. 199-206) (Valls 1604 [1470] [Hamilton 2020])
Previous owners (oldest first) Solomon ibn Crispin (1r (Richler 1998))
Abraham I.S. Graziano [?] (muerte Italia 1684) 1684 ad quem ([i]r (Richler 1998))
References (most recent first) Novoa (2014), “Seneca in Sefarad on the Eve of the Expulsion. A Fifteenth Century Senecan Florilegium in Aljamiado”, Hispanica Judaica
Descrito en: Hamilton (2014), Beyond Faith: Belief, Morality, and Memory in a Fifteenth-century Judeo-Iberian Manuscript xvi-xxiii
Novoa (2010), “Ms. Parma Pal. 2666 as a Document of Sephardic Literary and Philosophical Expression in Fifteenth Century Spain”, European Judaism
Hamilton (2010), “Debating Love: A Fifteenth-Century Aljamiado Joc-Partit”, eHumanista 132n
Girón-Negrón (2009), ““If there were God”: The Problem of Unbelief in the Visión Deleitable”, The Conversos and Moriscos in Late Medieval Spain and Beyond, 83
Zemke (2008), “In Memorial Charles Cook, Mentor of Samuel G. Armistead”, Spain's Multicultural Legacies. Studies in Honor of Samuel G. Armistead
Laboratoire de Médiévistique Occidentale de Paris (LAMOP) et al. (2006-09), Briquet Online , n. 689, 2064
Descrito en: Beit-Arié (2001), “1343 Parma 266”, Hebrew Manuscripts in the Biblioteca Palatina of Parma
Descrito en: Richler (1998-12-16), Carta
Valls i Subirà et al. (1970), Paper and Watermarks in Catalonia , n. 140, 242, 1604
Note MS. facticio. Richler 1998: Colofón f. 137v fechado 1 de febrero del '68, verosímilmente 1468. En el f. [ii]v una mano sefardí, tal vez la que añadió la fol., hizo un índice que incluye textos que actualmente faltan: Regimientos, f. 146; Casos del rey, f. 151; Pratica de Geli, f. 157; Tesoro de pobres. Es posible que esta última obra sea el tratado médico de el papa Juan XXI, Petrus Julianus, Thesaurus pauperum.

Hamilton 2010:133, 133n: ”The current bound manuscript consists, I believe, of two previously separate manuscripts bound together at a later date. [nota 15] This opinion is based on my analysis of the manuscript in situ in 2002. The current manuscript has been rebound at least twice: once in the nineteenth century and again in 1983. The paper of the debate poem (folio 207) has no watermark-–nor has its bifolio been included in the quire, which instead ends
in a stub. Additionally wormholes found on folios 205-06 are conspicuously absent on folio 207 (that of the poem) indicating that 207 was not have originally included in the manuscript and quire where it is now found. This impression is further substantiated by the fact that the wormholes on folio 207 match those found on folios 198 and 199, suggesting that it was originally included between these two folios (where in the current binding we find only stubs) –thus, between another poem fragment and the beginning of the Danza.”

Hamilton 2010:134n: “The folios (199-207) containing the Danza and the debate poem are also of a different color and quality. Beit-Arié (371) identifies the hand of this poem as mid-15th-century Sephardic semi-cursive script. Watermarks of the folios used for the Danza are different than those used in folios 1-196, as is the ink and hands.'

Novoa 2010:204-207- ofrece facsm. de los ff. 121r-124v, 135r-136v.
Subject Johannes XXI, papa [1276-09-20 - 1277-05-20]
Internet Briquet Online n. 689 visto 2017-10-19 Briquet Online n. 2064 visto 2017-10-19

Internal Description
Number of texts in volume: 1
Specific witness ID no. 1 BETA cnum 8356
Location in volume ff. 139r-140v (Richler 1998)
Uniform Title IDno, Author and Title texid 2977
Desconocido. Tratado sobre la memoria (?)
Language castellano
Date Escrito 1460 ca. ad quem
Title(s) in witness Arte alla [!] memoria (Richler 1998)
Language of witness aljamiado hebreo
Note Texto dividido en 9 capítulos (Richler 1998)
Record Status Created 1999-03-29
Updated 2021-01-14