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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 4197
Name Abu ‘Ali ‘Umar, rey de Siyilmasa [1315-04-06 ad quem]
Aboalí (trad.) (Catalán 1976:226)
Boaly (Catalán 1976:223)
Sex hombre
Title rey de Siyilmasa 1315-04-06 ad quem (Catalán 1976:222)
Associated Persons hijo de: Uthman Abu Sa'id II, rey de Marruecos [1310 - 1331-08] (Catalán 1976:217)
hermano de: Abu l-Hasan, rey de Marruecos [1331 - 1340] (Catalán 1976:218)
Affiliation noble
References (most recent first) Catalán (1976), Gran crónica de Alfonso XI I:216-26
Record Status Created 1994-10-13
Updated 2023-08-30