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ID no. of MS BETA manid 3592
City and Library Lugar desconocido Desconocida
Collection: Call number olim Heber XI n. 1111 ~ Phillipps ~ Quaritch ~ Kraus
Copied 1451 ca. - 1475 ca.

External description
Writing surface perg.
Leaf Analysis ff.: 136
Hand gótica
Previous owners (oldest first) Richard Heber, bibliófilo (1773-01-05 - 1833-10-04) 1833-02-11 (price: 12 libras) (Bibliotheca Heberiana)
Thomas Phillipps (Sir), 1. Baronet [1872-02-06] 8257 London 1836-02-17 (price: 3/6/0 libras) (Bibliotheca Heberiana)
London: Bernard Quaritch Ltd. 1891-05-16
New York: H.P. Kraus Cat. 153, n. 101
References (most recent first) Catalogado en: Sotheby & Co. (1967-11-28), Phillipps Catalogue 89 , n. 518
Catalogado en: Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of The Library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. (1834-37) XI:115-16 , n. 1111
Gómez Moreno (1985), “La Qüestión del Marqués de Santillana a don Alfonso de Cartagena”, El Crotalón. Anuario de Filología Española 341
Catalogado en: H.P. Kraus (1979), Catalogue 153. Bibliotheca Phillippica. Manuscripts on Vellum and Paper from the 9th to the 18th Centuries from the Celebrated Collection Formed by Sir Thomas Phillipps. The Final Selection
Note Descr. en la Bibliotheca Heberiana: “Mendoca (Lopez de) Marques de Santillana, los Proverbios con glosa del Doctor Pero Diaz. Cod. Membr. del Siglo XV. With some curious letters at the end on Ancient Chivalry, dated in Burgos and Guadalajara in 1444.
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Updated 2018-06-26