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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 3275
Name Mateo del Álamo, OSB
Sex hombre
Milestones floruit 1915 (Ruffinatto 54)
Affiliation OSB
clérigo regular
Institutional Affiliation fraile Silos: Santo Domingo
Other associations with MSS, printed editions, or copies of editions manid 1643 MS: Santo Domingo de Silos: Abadía, 12. Silos?:, 1301 - 1400. Gonzalo de Berceo, Vida de santo Domingo de Silos, escrito 1230 - 1236.
References (most recent first) Berceo et al. (1978), La Vida de Santo Domingo de Silos de Gonzalo de Berceo. Estudio y edición crítica 54
Record Status Created 1991-06-22
Updated 2009-10-22