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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 2915
Name Marcos González Cabaña (floruit 1783)
Sex hombre
Milestones floruit 1783 (HSA B2568)
Owner of manid 1039 MS: New York: Hispanic Society (HSA), B2568. 1401 - 1500. Alfonso X, rey de Castilla y León, Corona de, Fuero real, promulgado 1255-07-18.
manid 1097 MS: New York: Hispanic Society (HSA), B2193. 1410 ca. Colectivo, Ordenamientos reales, escrito 1200 - 1800.
References (most recent first) Faulhaber (1983), Medieval Manuscripts in the Library of the Hispanic Society of America. Religious, Legal, Scientific, Historical, and Literary Manuscripts I:220 , n. 224
Record Status Created 2022-12-02