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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 2685
Name Thomas Cambiator, corresponsal de Leonardo Bruni d'Arezzo
Tomás Cambiador (trad.)
Sex hombre
Associated Persons corresponsal de: Leonardo Bruni d'Arezzo, humanista (1370-02-01 - 1444-03-09)
Other Associations with Works texid 3294 Leonardo Bruni d'Arezzo, [Carta a Tomás Cambiador] (tr. Desconocido), traducido 1458-03-25 ad quem
References (most recent first) Bruni Aretino et al. (1741), Epistolarum libri VIII II:8-15 , n. lib. V ep. 2
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Record Status Created 1990-03-24
Updated 2016-05-03