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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 2550
Name Alonso Jiménez, clérigo secular?
Alonso Ximénez (Oxford Bodleian Canon. Ital. 177)
Sex hombre
Milestones floruit 1480 ca.? - 1520 ca.? (Conde)
Affiliation clérigo secular ? (Conde)
iluminador ? (Conde)
Owner of manid 2849 MS: Oxford: Bodleian, Canon. Ital. 177. 1406. [Biblia hebrea romanceada. Oxford. AT], escrito 1481 ca. - 1500 ca.
References (most recent first) Conde (2013), “A Neglected Old Spanish Biblical Translation”, Text, Manuscript, and Print in Medieval and Modern Iberia: Studies in Honour of David Hook
Nieto Soria (1999), Orígenes de la monarquía hispánica: propaganda y legitimación (ca. 1400-1520) 418-21 , n. docs. 10-11
Note Conde, citando a Nieto Soria para los detalles, dice: “it is interesting (and tempting) to note here that we know of an Alonso Ximénez, ‘capellán yluminador who worked in collaboration with Fray Ambrosio Montesino in the production of “un libro de todas las oraçiones que están en el Cartuxano, iluminado y estoriado de figuras (in all likelihood, a manuscript containing a selection from Fray Ambrosio’s translation of Ludolph of Saxony’s Vita Christi), with him being in charge of the illuminations; they undertook this commission for Queen Isabella, and worked on it during the final three years of her life. See Orígenes de la monarquía hispánica: propaganda y legitimación (ca. 1400-1520), ed. José Manuel Nieto Soria (Madrid: Dykinson, 1999), Apéndice documental, documents 10 and 11, pp. 418-421. His double status as a man of the church (and of considerable status: capellán del rey, nuestro señor (Orígenes de la monarquía, p. 418) and illuminator —and therefore presumably interested in books— might make his identification with the “Alonso Ximenez” mentioned in the manuscript not impossible, if not plausible. The chronology of the inscription in Ms. Canon. Ital. 177 and that of these documents that mention Alonso Ximenez is consistent.”
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