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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 2509
Name Pedro Jerónimo de Aponte (floruit 1565-03-20)
Sex hombre
Milestones floruit 1565-03-20
Other associations with MSS, printed editions, or copies of editions manid 3657 MS: Madrid: Nacional (BNE), MSS/1194. 1565-03-20 a quo. Diego Fernández de Mendoza… Linajes de España, escrito 1496 a quo - 1504 ad quem.
manid 6000 MS: Madrid: Nacional (BNE), MSS/3457. 1681 ca. - 1700 ca. Desconocido… Coplas del Provincial, escrito 1465 - 1466.
Record Status Created 1989-12-19
Updated 1991-06-24