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ID no. of Reference BETA bibid 1992
Format libro. ediciĆ³n. microficha
Author Yehudah Halevi
Title The Text and Concordance of Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid, Ms 171812 [!]. Yehuda Halevi. The Book of the the Kuzari. A Book of Proof and Argument in Defense of a Despised Religion (A 15th Century Ladino Translation)
Associated persons Moshe Lazar (editor literario)
Robert Dilligan (editor literario)
Series Jewish-Spanish Text Series, 2
Place / Publisher Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies
Date / Location 1989:
Note Faulhaber: Transcr. de BNM 17812, no BNM 171812
Held by Berkeley: Faulhaber, Charles B. MICROFICHE 28216
Berkeley: U. of California (MAIN) Newspapers & Microfilms MICROFICHE 28216 (OskiCat)
Source of Data for Witnesses cnum 2397 MS: Jehuda ha-Levi, [Libro del Kuzari] (tr. Desconocido), traducido 1450 ca.. Madrid: Nacional (BNE) (Gayangos), MSS/17812, 1451 ca. - 1500 ca.
Source of Data for MSS, Editions, or Copies manid 3387 MS: Madrid: Nacional (BNE) (Gayangos), MSS/17812. 1451 ca. - 1500 ca. Jehuda ha-Levi, [Libro del Kuzari] (tr. Desconocido), traducido 1450 ca.
Record Status Created 1989-02-23
Updated 2011-07-23