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ID no. of additional copy of printed edition BETA copid 1990
City and Library New York The Pierpont Morgan Library
Collection: Call number PML 77109 | olim ChL 1755 X
Printed Granada: Meinhard Ungut, Johann Pegnitzer von Nürnberg, 1496 ca. (IBE)

External description

Writing Surface papel
Collation 2 h. no signadas; a8 a8; (a1 blank, not present), a2-8, b-l8; A8 B12; a-c8 d6; a1-2, 1-2, 7-8, (a3-6 lacking) b-e8, f7 (f8, en blanco, falta); (a1, en blanco, falta) aa2-8), bb8 cc1-7 (cc8, en blanco, falta) = 220 h (de 228), más 4 h. duplicadas (Kraus)
Size hoja: 200 × 143 mm (Christie)
Condition faltan 4 hojas (a3-6) y se repiten 4 (a1-2, a7-8) del 5o cuaderno signado “a”; túneles de bibliófagos al principio y final, afectando el texto (Kraus)
Binding perg. s. XVII
History of volume Adquirido en subasta New York 1981-04-08 (price: 6.500 $ U.S.)
Previous owners (oldest first) New York: H.P. Kraus Cat. 107 n. 38 1964 ca.
Eric H. L. Sexton, bibliófilo 1964 ca. - 1981-04-08 ad quem (price: 950 $ U.S.)
References (most recent first) Catalogado en: Christie, Manson & Woods International (1981-04-08), Fifteenth-Century Books Illustrating the Spread of Printing. The Collection of the late Eric Sexton, F.S.A. and Seventeen Duplicates from the Pierpont Morgan Library price list , n. 73
Catalogado en: Goff (1972), Incunabula in American Libraries. A Supplement to the Third Census of Fifteenth-Century Books Recorded in North American Collections (1964) 71 , n. T-11
Catalogado en: Goff (1964), Incunabula in American Libraries. A Third Census of Fifteenth-century Books Recorded in North American Collections 580 , n. T-11
Catalogado en: H.P. Kraus (1964 ca.), Catalogue 107. A Selection of Rare Books & Manuscripts. Mostly recent acquisitions IXth to XIXth century 33-34 , n. 38
Note Descr. de Kraus cat. 107:

“220 leaves (of 228; four leaves of text lacking, four others being present in duplicate; and four blank leaves not present; i.e., 224 leaves present including the duplicate leaves). With decorative woodcut initials. Rubricated. 4to (201 × 142 mm.). Old vellum of the 16th/17th century. With contemporary marginalia. (Worm holes at the beginning and end of the book, affecting the printing.)’’

“In addition, the present copy has been extensively rubricated by hand, with paragraph marks and decorative marginal flourishes on many pages. On the 15th leaf (a bis5 verso) an addition to the text has been made in contemporary handwriting, which supplements a list of devotional requirements by prescribing attendance at Mass on Christmas Eve and Day, ‘and not in jest’ (transl.) – a reference to the frolics called the ‘Feast of Fools’ or ‘Feast of Asses’which then were current at that season. Other marginalia, in neat contemporary writing, give the Biblical references for text quotations.’’
Subject Fiesta de los locos
Fiesta del asno
Fiesta del obispillo
Record Status Created 1988-05-01
Updated 2014-01-23