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ID no. of additional copy of printed edition BETA copid 1955
City and Library San Marino The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
Collection: Call number Rare Books: 89479 | olim 9602.7
Printed [Huete]: [Álvaro de Castro], 1484-03-27 ad quem (“Dada [MS: axxvij] dias de [MS: marco] Año de jll ⁊ cccc⁊lxxx⁊ [MS: quarto])

External description

Writing Surface vitela (Goff)
Format Hoja suelta
Leaf analysis f.: 1 (Huntington)
History of volume Comprado a A.S.W. Rosenbach 1924-09 (Huntington Cat.)
Previous owners (oldest first) Isabel de Lanazán (floruit 1484-04-05) 1484-04-05 (Huntington Cat.)
Abraham Simon Wolf Rosenbach, librero (1876 - 1952) 1924-09 (Huntington Cat.)
References (most recent first) Catalogado en: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (2000-), Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke [GW] , n. 00047
Catalogado en: British Library (1980-), Incunable Short Title Catalog [ISTC] , n. is00570000
Catalogado en: Goff (1964), Incunabula in American Libraries. A Third Census of Fifteenth-century Books Recorded in North American Collections 564 , n. S-570
Catalogado en: Mead (1937), Incunabula in the Huntington Library 236 , n. 5193
Catalogado en: The Huntington Library (2011 ad quem), Catalog [OPAC] , n. 89479
Note Huntington Cat.: “ This copy made out to Isabel Dalanaçan and dated 5 Apr. 1484”
Internet Huntington Cat. visto 2017-07-30
Record Status Created 1985-07-10
Updated 2020-05-11