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Work ID number BETA texid 1821
Authors Juan Álvarez Gato
Titles Obras
Date / Place Compilado 1507-05-14 a quo
Language castellano
Text Type: Cancionero, Obras
Number of Witnesses 1
ID no. of Witness 1 cnum 2010
City, library, collection & call number Boston: Boston Public Library, D.7 (BETA manid 2255)
Copied Madrid ?: 1871-04-26 ad quem (legado de Ticknor)
Title(s) Juan Álvarez Gato, Obras, compilado 1507-05-14 a quo
Associated MSS/editions Copia de manid 1180 MS: Madrid: Academia de la Historia (RAH), 9/5535. 1510-01-13 ad quem?. Juan Álvarez Gato… Obras en verso y prosa (MH2), escrito 1510-01-13 ad quem?.
References Catalogado en: Jones (1977), “Early Spanish Manuscripts in Public Libraries”, La Corónica 42
Catalogado en: Whitney (1879), Catalogue of the Spanish Library and of the Portuguese Books Bequeathed by George Ticknor to the Boston Public Library 417
Note Jones: “A copy of a portion of a manuscript in the library of the Academia de la Historia, at Madrid. A note by Señor Pascual de Gayangos is prefixed.” I.e., RAH 9/5535. Jones se basa en Whitney
Record Status Created 1985-07-10
Updated 1994-09-08