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ID no. of additional copy of printed edition BETA copid 1600
City and Library Oxford The Bodleian Library
Collection: Call number Inc. b. S. 97. 1(4)
Printed Salamanca: Juan de Porras, 1492-08-18 (IBE)

External description

Size hoja: 74 / 152 × 106 / 148 mm (Bod-Inc Online)
Condition fragm., sólo fragm. del cuaderno d1-8, extraído de una encuaderación (Sheppard / Martín Abad 2011)
Previous owners (oldest first) John Stainer (Sir), compositor Oxford (1860 - 1901-03-31) (Bod-Inc Online)
Associated MSS/editions Encuadernado con manid 2024 Ed.: Oxford: Bodleian, Inc. b. S97.1(2). Salamanca: [Alonso de Porras], 1485 ca. Antonio de Nebrija, [Introducciones latinas: primera edición], escrito 1481-01-16 ad quem.
References (most recent first) Catalogado en: Martín Abad (2011), “Noticia bibliográfica”, Antonio de Nebrija. Gramática sobre la lengua castellana 467 , n. 11
Catalogado en: Bodleian Library et al. (2005), A Catalogue of Books Printed in the Fifteenth Century Now in the Bodleian Library [Bod-inc] , n. A-353
Catalogado en: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (2000-), Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke [GW] , n. 02224
Catalogado en: British Library (1980-), Incunable Short Title Catalog [ISTC] , n. ia00902000
Catalogado en: Sheppard (1954-71), Catalogue of XVth century books in the Bodleian Library [Unpublished MS]
Catalogado en: Bodleian Libraries (2017 ad quem), Bod-Inc Online , n. A-353(1)
Note Descr. de Bod-Inc Online:

Fragments of the upper parts of d1 –d8 only; the upper margin uncut.

Size of fragments: 106 × 74 to 148 × 152 mm.

Provenance: Fragments extracted from the binding of Passiones, Benedictiones, Lamentationes et reliqua (Palencia: Diego de Cordoba, 1536) [Don. b.14], purchased by Sir John Stainer (1840-1901) at Seville in 1897 and presented by him to the Bodleian in the same year: see Proctor, Bibliographical Society, News-Sheet (June 1897), 4.
Internet Bod-Inc Online visto 2017-07-24
Record Status Created 1985-07-10
Updated 2017-07-24