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ID no. of Specific Copy

BETA cnum 14538
Uniform Title IDno, Author and Title texid 12975
Garci Sánchez de Badajoz. Claroscuro
Language castellano
Date Escrito 1500 ca. ad quem
City, library, collection, & call number London: The British Library, Add. 10431
Title(s) in volume Claroscuro, 17v (Dutton 1982)
Copied 1500 ca. (Dutton)
1514 a quo? (Moreno)
Location in witness ff. 17v-19v (Dutton 1982)
Title(s) in witness Claroscuro, 17v (Dutton 1982)
Incipits & Explicits in witness texto: [ 17v] El dia ynfelis noturno … [ 19v] … tengan la tina bien llena
References (Most recent first) Catalogado en: Weiss (2013), “Vernacular Commentaries and Glosses in Late Medieval Castile, I: A checklist of Castilian Authors”, Text, Manuscript, and Print in Medieval and Modern Iberia: Studies in Honour of David Hook 235-36 , n. A35
Catalogado en: Dutton (1982), Catálogo/índice de la poesía cancioneril del siglo XV I:11 , n. LB1-40
Note Weiss 2013: “The glosses accomanying the poem (ten octosyllabic stanzas) are copied in the same hand as the text, ‘situados al lado de los versos' (Moreno, ‘Descripción codicológica, LB1', p. 21). They explain Latinisms and mythological references, cite Ovid's Metamorphoses once, otherwise los poetas'.”

Es el único MS con las glosas, salvo su copia del s. XIX, MN14 (BNE MSS/3777 [manid 2679])
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Updated 2019-02-25