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ID no. of Person BETA bioid 1323
Name Nepos de Montealbano (floruit 1201 - 1300)
Nepos de Montalouan (trad.)
Constant Roger (CERL)
Sex hombre
Milestones floruit 1201 - 1300 (Wikidata)
Author of texid 1659 Nepos de Montealbano, Libelo fugitivo (tr. Desconocido), traducido 1200 - 1300
References (most recent first) Vida tratada en WikiMedia Foundation (2012-), Wikidata , n. Q41617276
Consortium of European Research Libraries (2011-10-10 ad quem), CERL Thesaurus , n. cnp00352488
Internet Wikidata visto 2021-12-01
Record Status Created 1987-12-27
Updated 2021-12-01