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BETA cnum 11903
Uniform Title IDno, Author and Title texid 1647
Juan de Mena. Laberinto de fortuna
Language castellano
Date Escrito 1444-02-22
City, library, collection, & call number Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional de España, R/7631(1)
Imprint Salamanca: Lucas de Junta (BNE Cat,), 1582
Associated Persons Con el comentario de: Francisco Sánchez de las Brozas el Brocense (nac. Brozas 1523) ( (BNE Cat.))
References (Most recent first) Catalogado en: Weiss (2013), “Vernacular Commentaries and Glosses in Late Medieval Castile, I: A checklist of Castilian Authors”, Text, Manuscript, and Print in Medieval and Modern Iberia: Studies in Honour of David Hook 224-26 , n. A23
Note Weiss 2013 proporciona bibliografía al día sobre las glosas y las describe:

“Designed to establish Mena's status as a vernacular auctor and the young NúÑez's intellectual credentials. Supplies auctoritates (with copious quotations) for cosmography, myth, history, natural and moral philosophy. Identifies Mena's imitation of the classics and this intellectual sources (e.g., Anselm and Isidore, whose errors are corrected by reference to new humanist authorities, notably Greek). Occasional rhetorical and numerous linguistic notes (especially etymologies). substantian and influential textual criticism. The revised edition [Granada, 1505 (manid 4590)] suppresses the Latin quotations, the autobiographical preface, and the rudimentary access. Some textual changes in Zaragoza: Coci, 1506 [manid 5436], which are probably not authorial. Steelsio's edition (Antwerp, 1552 [manid 5441].
Plundered (often without acknowledgment) by El Brocense, whose 1582 [manid 5439] annotations aimed to provide a more explanatory apparatus."
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Updated 2019-01-19