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ID no. of Institution BETA insid 1180
Name Library of Congress
Associated places Washington, D.C.
Former owner of copid 2092 Ed.: Bibermühle Ramsen: Antiquariat Bibermühle, olim Beaumont ~ Archambault ~ Rosenwald ~ Library of Congress ~ Sexton ~ Hamill & Barker ~ Lake (1494-10-24). Giovanni Boccaccio, De las mujeres ilustres en romance (tr. Desconocido), traducido 1494-10-24 ad quem .
References (Most recent first) U. Erfurt et al. (2018-), FactGrid , n. Q369905
Internet https://database.factgrid.de/wiki/Item:Q369905 FactGrid visto 2023-05-13
Record Status Created 1992-02-21
Updated 2023-05-13